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SORRY MOM!! Jenny does a morning challenge! we visit The Spacestation! and fun family night routine

fyi falling down stairs in Roblox is REALLY FUN ⚠


Best Whip Cream Day Ever 1171

Did you know that Adley and Niko are really good at making silly faces?!! We have a family face fashion show to start the morning off, where my kiddos show off a few of their goofiest looks and even a crazy leg trick by Adley that makes her look like a pretzel mermaid!!

Wait for it, the kiddos and I saw a prank video on Instagram where you trick someone into thinking they are doing a Christmas balancing challenge till you make them throw whip cream in their face. We're going to trick Jenny into doing it. Niko helps me get the challenge ready while Adley fills a plate full of whip cream. We bring Jenny down stairs and lets just say that a chase breaks out in our kitchen and the trick backfires on me!!

Its then downstairs to spend some family fun time playing Roblox. Niko Bear has discovered his new favorte game is watching my character fall down a massive set of stairs!! We laugh and have so much fun playing this game. Aldey and I also give you our Roblox house tours and introduce you to Adley brand new pet!!

Update time!! We head to the spacestation, the place I work and where all the magic happens! I've been wanting to bring you guys here for a while but its not always the best time for that, but I have a special visitor here so I need to go say hi. That's right, Tanner Fox is at the Spacestation. After catching up with one of my best friends, have to show you guys the new Spacestation Gaming ugly Christmas sweater (not really ugly) and show you a super secret room!!

We end the night back home with some Christmas tree and dinosaur crafts and what has become our night routine of going downstairs and doing tricks, gymnastics, and getting out all our energy before bed time!!

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Watch yesterday's Best Day Ever: Snowy the PiRATE ELF!! our last Fairy Battle before Winter! Adley \u0026 Niko visit new Christmas Lights! --


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Found People Living in our Abandoned House?!

investigating clues.
what happened to our old house??
stay updated with the house and SSG --


Best Abandoned Day Ever 860

So, you remember our old house? The place where we started Snapchat, and making youtube videos. The home of Spacestation 1.0 and basically where everything started. Well, when we moved out it was basically an abandoned place. We didn't rent or sell, but we just Found People Living in our Abandoned House?!

So Jenny and I head over there and what do we find? Our Spacestation Fortnite team is living there!!! All joking aside, we turned our old house into the Spacestation Gaming Gamer house. We'll be albe to use this place to house our pro players, have boot camps to practice for tournments, and an awesome place to play videos games.

So we take you on a tour of the place so you can see all the awesome updates Momduars, Erika, and Jordan made to the house. It really is amazing. We show Aldey around since this is here first time back since we moved to the new house.

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Wide Lens:
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Cool Longboards:
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Other HyperX Stuff:

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timmies - ugly (ft. nineteen95)

thoughts keep running inside my head and i dont know why but they want me dead
'Ugly' by timmies (ft. nineteen95)
Lofi/Chill Beats



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Im so fucking ugly
Inside and out
No i dont think
That i will find my love
i dont think
That i will find my home
Devil says
that i should sell my soul

you must pay ye ye ye
for your sins and oh maybe
they can save you my baby
but you must pay

thoughts keep running
inside my head
and i dont know why
but they want me dead
where is my god
i just need some help
cause demons keep screaming
inside my brain

Im praying
Im praying my lord
Im praying cause my devil is
Behind my back and
Hes telling me

you must pay ye ye ye
for your sins and oh maybe
they can save you my baby
but you must pay




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