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EB2 NIW - Successful Approach to a National Interest Waiver

Here are some great tips you should take into account when applying for a National Interest Waiver.

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This video is intended for educational purposes, do not act or fail to act solely based on the content of the video, and always consult with a licensed attorney regarding your specific situation.

H1B없이 NIW를 통해 미국 영주권 받는 기준을 알려드립니다.

H1B없이 영주권을 받을 수 있는 방법 중 하나인 NIW를 통해 영주권 신청시 필요한 기준을 영상에서 다뤄봤습니다.

전에 영어로 올린 영상이 있었는데 한국말로 좀 더 간단하고 중요한 내용 위주로 혹시나 필요한 분들을 위해 다시 만들어 봤습니다. 제가 변호사 비용으로 지출했던 금액까지 추가하였습니다.

혹시나 NIW를 통해 미국 영주권을 신청하는 생각을 조금이라도 가지고 있으신 분들이 있다면 도움이 될 것 같습니다.

제 논문들의 현재 총 citation은 837회 (google scholar) 입니다만 제가 NIW를 통해 영주권 지원당시는 50-60정도 였습니다. 영상에서 언급한 independent citation의 안정권인 5-10회는 저널 논문 한 편당임을 말씀드립니다.

- AshGin BBang

Obtaining a Green Card through the National Interest Waiver (NIW) [2020 Update]

To find out more at the the National Interest Waiver and whether you may qualify please visit our webpage or contact our offices:

Orlando: 407-478-1111
Tampa: 813-444-1114
Miami: 305-455-0590

The EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) is an application for a Green Card (U.S. permanent residency). The standard EB-2 is an employment based visa, usually sponsored by an American company on behalf of a foreign candidate. However, as a measure to protect American workers, the Department of Labor requires the company to prove there are no domestic workers available who are qualified for the education and experience requirements for the job. This Labor Certification can be lengthy and expensive, which means that many employers might not be willing to sponsor a foreign candidate.

However, under the EB-2 National Interest Waiver visa a potential applicant can apply for himself without the need to obtain a job sponsor or go through the time consuming labor certification process. To do so, he or she must prove that it is in the national interest of the country to skip the lengthy process and let him or her work and perform in their field of expertise. The determination of what is or not in the “national interest” used to require meeting an extremely high criteria and was very difficult to demonstrate. However, in late 2016 the Matter of Dhanasar case set a new National Interest Waiver standard. Once the applicant has been determined as eligible for the EB-2, the USCIS can issue a waiver if three certain criteria are met.

Even though the standards have become clearer, this waiver remains difficult to achieve. However, with the guidance of an experienced immigration attorney to prepare a thorough application, the chance of success is very high. Our attorneys at Colombo \u0026 Hurd are experienced in EB-2 National Interest Waivers, before and after the 2016 decision, and can help you choose the best steps to achieve your goals. If you have questions, please reach us for a consultation through our website:

Orlando: 407-478-1111
Tampa: 813-444-1114
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